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The small businesses we support are run by individuals, who might face language and communication barriers and Samafal creates a bespoke partnership contracts, with clear terms and reference and lines of communication, policies and procedures, training in decision making process, information giving and timescales, conflicts resolved, and risk managed. Samafal has set up large number of grass root organisations and social enterprise.

We worked in partnership with unltd to identify social enterprise organisations that need funding to deliver their services. Small organisation play a vital role within the community, and contribute to the local economy. Some of the organisations coordinators are in receipt of welfare benefit and needed support in understanding the legal responsibilities of running grass root/social enterprise. Samafal carries out needs assessment for all the organisations and deliver workshops in accessing legal documents to enable them deliver and monitor their services and effective quality control of the service they deliver

We support these businesses access funding from trust and funders to ensure that they maintain the finance of the projects they deliver in accordance with the funders. They access policies and procedures, business planning and support with tax payments.

Goodthing Foundation and BAME DIGITAL PRODUCTS: Samafal have been fortunate in been awarded to give away 200 tablets and 2 years free data through a Wi-Fi gadget. We have been able to support families with 2 children or more from the BAME communities access free internet through digital skills training during the pandemic. The families from disadvantage background were able to access school work and kept intouch with their families. This has become a unique opportunity fir us to participate in as we made a valuable contribution to the BAME communities during the Covid 19 Lockdown

Census: Samafal has taken part the 2021 Census and we were responsible for the Boughs of Enfield, Haringey and Waltham Forset. We have managed to capture the BMAE communities with language barriers and those with digital skills barriers.

Passenger Transport Services: Samafal runs a passenger transport services for the individuals with special needs. We have supported several children by recruiting drivers and escort. All of our staff are trained and follow policies procedures of Samafal.

North London CCG and Covid Vaccination: Samafal is supporting North London CCG to deliver vaccinations to most vulnerable people and those that have multiple barriers. We had held bilingual workshops about the importance of the vaccination and our premises has been used as a hub to deliver the vaccination.

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