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Samafal Families Association delivers services in areas that have high levels of deprivation & unemployment focusing on BAME women with low skills in north London. The organisation offers practical support to single mothers with large size families who do not engage in education or training due to language barriers and affordable childcare services to enter the job market. Samafal provides free employment skills training, Skills for life English and Maths , Childcare courses, Health and Social Care course and free creche facilities

  • Bilingual advice, : Samafal offers free bilingual advice for all of the clients with issues from Local authority, Access to Education & training and Employment. Please contact us via phone and one to one.
  • Information Advice and Guidance (IAG):  We offer free needs assessments for all of our customers so that we can provide bespoke IAG. Please contact us for one to one session 
  • Employability: Samafal is a recruitment and job broker agency and we have the capacity to support our customers gain employment. Customers access skills training and employment skills so that they can gain their career paths. 
  • Volunteering/Work placement: Samafal offers volunteering opportunities for both young and adults with multiple barriers. We are registered with Enfield Councils Education department and get referrals from schools for young people in need of work experience. Samafal director offers a reference opportunity for the adults who complete their 6 weeks volunteering/work placement  
  • Mental Health support,: Samafal offers free mental health training courses and bilingual referral process to the professionals. 
  • Support in Social Services: Free support to families with child protection and domestic violence as well as general wellbeing support. We have the capacity to refer to the relevant teams. Please contact us by phone or via email. 
  • Bilingual Counselling: Samafal works in partnership with qualified bilingual counsellors and have set up referral systems. Please contact us for one to one and group therapy sessions
  • Debt and energy support: Samafal works in partnership with Energy trusts and Enfield Welfare Advice & Debt Support Team. We are able to refer clients so that they can get the right support. Please contact us via phone or email.
  • Free Crèche: Samafal offers free childcare facilities for parents/guardians who wish to access our services and training programmes. 
  • BAME Business Hub: Samafal offers free support to the communities wishing to set up small businesses. Business owners access bespoke services to understand legal obligations and responsibilities of running small business /social enterprise. Please contact us via phone or email for further information.
  • Passenger Transport Services: Samafal offers passenger transport services for Local Authority. We have the capacity to recruit Passenger Assistants/Escortsand offer training and job brokerage to drivers. Please contact us via phone or email for further information.
  • Clarion Housing Group:

Working in partnership with the Clarion Housing group to offer employment training skills for economically inactive Black and Asian Ethnic Minority women in Enfield. We offer bilingual advice and information so that they are closer to the job market.