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About Us

about us

who we are

Samafal Families Association Ltd was established in January 2008 as limited institution, which runs a bespoke services for BAME women focusing on advice and guidance, employment and adult education. Samafal Families Association (SFA) has been established to support BAME women and their families to overcome barriers and integrate widely into other communities. Samafal is set up to identify the needs of disadvantage communities to by coming together under one umbrella, share experience and access lifelong skills training and to improve their quality of life. We are service user lead organisation and ensure that clients to inform us their needs and know that their suggestions will be taken into account to improve the quality of the service that we deliver. Samafal delivers community adult education and employment in Enfield and Haringey and greater London.

about us

our vision & mission

To improve the quality of life of disadvantage
women and families including BAME groups

samafal aim

To alleviate the needs of people in the community. To bridge the gap between the mainstream providers and families to access culturally appropriate services

To provide skills training & education, information, and bilingual advice in order to help women, young people, and their families integrate into the wider community and promote community cohesion.
To provide accredited qualifications. Samafal is a registered centre for Trinity College, Learning Resource Network and English Speaking Board exam boards.

To reduce long term unemployment and social isolation through employability and digital skills training.